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Our group companies showing their activities in the field of health continue to grow with quality and personalized service understanding in 12 years.

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Ataşehir, Medical Center
Modern Health Group Atasehir Medical Center, within the scope of general health services; Ataşehir, which offers personalized “Boutique” health services, is our service brand.
Ataşehir, Aesthetic Center
Modern Health Group’s new brand in Medical Aesthetics, Hair Transplantation, Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, Podology, and privileged services in.
Altunizade, Aesthetic Center
Baskent University Istanbul Hospital; In our medical aesthetics, hair transplantation and hand & foot health clinics, personalized treatments are applied in the light of the principle of multidisciplinary approach with our experienced surgeons and medical aesthetic specialists.
Health Consulting & Exercise
Our consultancy is our consultancy service for the examination and application of Health Consulting and Exercise programs with anthropometric measurements and tests within the scope of personal wellness.
Professional Skin and Hair Care Products
Black Love, with a range of professional skin and hair care products in the last quarter of 2018 in distinguished clinics, beauty centers and pharmacies with you very soon.
Certificate Programs

Our certification programs are organized for physicians to specialize in specialized areas with the aim of making a difference in the medical sector.

Modern Healthcare Group has started to contribute to Health Tourism by starting to accept patients in Health & Aesthetics field within the scope of international service. Especially, it welcomes its guests from England, Germany, Russia, Iran, Jordan and Azerbaijan. Among our targets in the coming period, increasing our service network with new branches in different locations, and being the first and only individual healthcare services will continue to be our basic vision.


About Us

Modern Healthcare Group

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Our structure, which gives importance to world-class health management understanding, determines health policies based on knowledge. Modern Healthcare Group is taking firm steps in the health sector in order to turn this deficit into an advantage and to make a difference in this field.
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As a result of the technological investments in the field of health, a negative and unethical ground was created in human-oriented health values. A wrong perception has spread rapidly, especially as the right treatment with technology is equivalent. Because of this misperception, a significant cost of moving abroad has become an unbearable point. However, the belief that recycling of health management awareness will be achieved is increasing every day.
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Human Resources

The basic source and power of health services is human. Directing human health increases the difficulty of our responsibility day by day. Human Resources, which is called chaos management in health management, takes on different responsibilities from other sectors as unit. Human Resources, acting with the consciousness of today’s health management, is one of our priority management units in our group.


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Modern Healthcare Group

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Yeni Çamlıca Mah. Dursunbey Cad. No: 13/1 Ataşehir – İstanbul
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+90 850 259 50 60